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ZOOm Air offers a 10% discount on the admission price for groups of 15 or more, provided all admissions are purchased in a single transaction. Just mention you would like the group discount before your admission purchase is rung up.

(No discounts available for upgrade admissions.)

Reservations are not required for most groups. We are accustomed to accommodating groups of 15-20 with minimal wait time. If you wish, however, to reserve a start time, contact us at 386.569.3519, at least one week in advance. A reservation will require signing a Group Reservation Agreement, guaranteeing a minimum number of paid admissions, and a 30% advance, nonrefundable deposit.

If children under 18 are attending without their parents, the parent/guardian must complete and sign our "Minor Release" and send it in with the children. If the parents will be in attendance, copies of the release will be available for them to sign at the Harness House.

Groups will be charged sales tax, unless arrangements have been made with the Zoom Air office at least one week in advance.

Taking your celebration to a higher level ... in the trees!


Zoom Air Adventure Park Daytona Beach, in Tuscawilla Park, has a fun and healthy way to celebrate birthdays.

(must be over 54" tall)


Up to 10 adventurers enjoy both our Lagoon and Reef Courses, featuring over 30 games, including 8 zip lines!

We provide:

  • 10 Lagoon + Reef Course admissions
  • a dedicated monitor for your group for up to 2 hours
  • 10 Zoom Air water bottle carabineers
  • 10 bottles of water
  • 10 healthy snacks
  • a Zoom Air T-shirt for the guest of honor
  • Free course admission for one parent if guest of honor is under age 12
  • birthday invitations in PDF and Microsoft word format

Each additional adventurer is $34.50 plus tax. Maximum 30 adventurers. One on-ground chaperon required for every 5 adventurers under age 12.

(must be over 54" tall)

Up to 10 adventurers explore the Lagoon, Reef, and Point Break Courses - and all 12 zip lines!

We provide:

  • 10 Point Break Course admissions (includes Lagoon and Reef admission)
  • a dedicated monitor for your group for up to 3 hours
  • 10 Zoom Air water bottle carabineers
  • 10 bottles of water
  • 10 healthy snacks
  • a Zoom Air T-shirt for the guest of honor
  • Free course admission for one parent if guest of honor is under age 12
  • birthday invitations in PDF and Microsoft word format

Each additional adventurer is $46.50 plus tax. Maximum 30 adventurers. One on-ground chaperon required for every 5 adventurers under age 12.


Zoom Air's regular policies and restrictions apply. Additionally, for children under 18, our Minor Release form must be completed and signed by a parent/guardian in advance. A minimum of two weeks' notice is requested for birthday party booking. An advance, non-refundable deposit of $50 is required. 

Contact us at (386) 569-3519 or dboffice@zoomair.us if you have any questions or would like to schedule a birthday celebration that rises above the others. We'll be happy to help!

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to take your team to a higher level

Actions speak louder than words.
We give your team plenty of action.

Options to maximize your team's performance & 2 locations.
Which one best suits your goals, time & budget?

ZOOM AIR DAYTONA BEACH at Tuscawilla Park, Daytona Beach, choices:

Zoom Air Adventure Only.

Conquering the Lagoon, the Reef, and Point Break treetop adventure courses together is a memorable experience to draw your team closer and let them learn confidence that results from pushing past your comfort zone. Lagoon and Reef work for a 2.5-hour window; if you also include Point Break, look at four hours for groups of 25 or more. Facilitated team building initiatives not included with this option.

Groups less than 15:
Lagoon + Reef $29.95/each
Lagoon + Reef + Point Break $39.95/each
Groups of 15 or more:
Lagoon + Reef $26.95/each
Lagoon + Reef + Point Break $35.95/each

Zoom Air Team Building Adventure.

Team Building Adventures are scheduled for weekdays only. The first half of the adventure takes your team through facilitated team building initiatives - lessons disguised as games - on the ground. The initiatives are chosen specifically to enhance the team dynamics you want improved. After a snack break (or after lunch, for full-day adventures), the team embarks on an exciting trek through the Lagoon and Reef courses, conquering treetop challenges and enjoying the thrill of zip-lining. The adventure is completed with a facilitated group discussion of discoveries made and lessons learned.


There is a 10-person minimum. Water and light snacks are provided. Team Building Adventures can be customized to meet your needs and restrictions - please ask us!

Full-Day Team Building Adventure.

9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

with a one-hour lunch break (lunch not included in price); minimum of five facilitated activities plus Lagoon & Reef Team Trek
Half-Day Team Building Adventure.
Morning or afternoon; four hours; minimum of two facilitated activities plus Lagoon & Reef Team Trek




NOTE: Prices quoted do not include sales tax. All Team Building programs require advance reservations. Time required for Zoom Air Adventure Only based on typical times; ask us for the best estimate for your particular group

For Team Building options at Zoom Air Orlando, click here


For more information or to schedule team building at Zoom Air Daytona Beach, call (386) 569-3519 or contact teambuilding@zoomair.us.

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Zoom Air Daytona Beach provides a unique and refreshingly different kind of field trip. We give students a challenging, stimulating, and memorable treetop adventure experience, and we do it safely.

A Zoom Air Adventure:

  • Gets the students moving, up in the trees
  • Provides physical challenge and conditioning
  • Engages their brains and their bodies
  • Can be enjoyed by both the daring and the less adventurous
  • Builds health and self-confidence
  • Is eco-friendly

Your students will not be "going on rides." There will be nothing passive about their experience here. They will propel themselves across bridges, tight wires, dancing logs - balancing, stretching, climbing, using all their senses - rewarded for their efforts, along the way, with hotly popular zip lines! Of course, throughout their aerial excursion they are in safety harnesses, secured with a double clip system, trained and closely monitored by our attentive and enthusiastic staff.



If the students are at least 54" tall, they may go on our Lagoon and Reef courses, or on those courses and Point Break. (No breaks on the height requirements here; 54" is the absolute minimum.) Lagoon and Reef comprise around two hours of adventure with over 30 games, including eight zip lines. Point Break cannot be experienced by itself; participants must go through Lagoon and Reef to proceed on to Point Break. Point Break provides, roughly, another hour of excitement with 16 more games, including four additional zip lines.

EDUCATIONAL VALUE:  Students return home having learned lessons simple or complex. Use a Zoom Air field trip to enrich, enhance, or underscore any of a wide range of educational objectives.

  • Teambuilding - Shared challenges, mutual motivation and encouragement
  • Ecology - The flora, fauna and dynamics of a natural green space in an urban, coastal setting
  • Biology - First-hand experience as an "arboreal animal"
  • Character - Satisfaction achieved by successfully going outside one's comfort zone
  • Perspective - Everything looks different from up here!
  • Health - Physical activity can be fun and exciting

BUT IS IT SAFE?  Zoom Air has a stellar safety record. We always have safety officers on duty, able to safely bring to the ground any participant who is, for any reason, unable to complete the course. Our safety officers perform a detailed inspection of each element of the courses every morning, before customers are permitted on. The Florida Department of Agriculture Bureau of Fair Rides Inspection inspects the park at least twice annually. A third-party engineer inspects annually. The builder of the games inspects annually. A certified arborist inspects the trees annually, at minimum. Our staff inspect the personal safety equipment each day as they handle it, and formal inspections and maintenance are performed on the equipment every two weeks. In other words, we take safety seriously.

ACCESSIBLE:  We are conveniently located in Tuscawilla Park, at the corner of Nova Road and International Speedway Boulevard, in Daytona Beach.

PRICING: ZOOm Air wants your students to have the opportunity to experience our adventures. To accomplish that, the discount for school trips is 20% off our regular admission prices. This special school pricing requires advance scheduling on a non-holiday weekday and 15 or more paid admissions, paid in a single transaction. This discount is NOT available for Lagoon-only admissions; the maximum discount for Lagoon is 10%.

CHAPERONS: We require at least one adult for every 10 students under 18 years old. Chaperons may follow on the ground or may go with the group on the course. There is no charge for anyone chaperoning from the ground. For every 5 student admissions purchased, Zoom Air will give FREE admission to one chaperon going on the courses with the group. The group must meet all the requirements for school pricing, chaperons must be at least 18 years old, and free chaperon admission does not apply to college-age groups. Free chaperon admission wristband cannot be saved for later use.

AMENITIES: Parking, restrooms, and picnic grounds are available.


RELEASE/WAIVER REQUIRED:  See "Minor Release" PDF, at the top of this page.


CALL (386) 569-3519
for more information and
to schedule a field trip to Zoom Air Daytona Beach.


A great idea for public/private schools, home school groups, youth groups, clubs, athletic teams, summer camps, extended day programs,... Heck, put simply, "A great idea for practically everyone!"


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Sorry, but nighttime adventures are only available at Zoom Air Orlando and require advance reservations.

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